Captured in motion

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C-010106 2022

a short film commissioned by public art organization Landmarks to accompany Sarah Oppenheimer’s new work C-010106. The project features dancers Venese Alcantar, Celeste Camfield, Bonnie Cox, Taryn Lavery, Isabella Mao, Rachel Meador, Rachel Nayer, Oddalys Slacido, Ashleigh Taylor, Jenna Weatherbie, and Camille Wiltz. EG Gionfriddo and Eliot Gray Fisher directed, with cinematography by Maggie Bailey and Bug Davidson, editing by Ana Santiago, and music by Mariam Gviniashvili.

Told-Hold exhibition 2023

BEYOND CITY TO CITY is an international media arts exhibition produced by the Austin City of Media Arts Steering Committee and the City of Austin’s Economic Development Department. The show features nine media artists representing UNESCO Cities of Media Arts around the globe, including Austin (United States), Changsha (China), Karlsruhe (Germany), Košice (Slovakia), and York (United Kingdom). This video is from the opening event, with cinematography by Maggie M. Bailey and edited by Eliot Gray Fisher. You can see visitors treated to additional layers of performance of told-hold: Yunina Barbour-Payne read participants’ stories collected by the piece into a microphone while Oddalys Salcido listened to and embodied those stories.

i/we 2020

Austin Classical Guitar presents in partnership with ARCOS I/WE (2020) We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the individuals and families who opened their homes and hearts to share their experiences as the inspiration for I/WE. Thank you. The Alaama Family Munel Mann Mai Barazi Erica Gionfriddo - ARCOS co-director, movement direction Eliot Gray Fisher - ARCOS co-director, filming/editing Joseph V. Williams II - ACG artistic director, music Travis Marcum - ACG co-artistic director, interviews/interview collage Matthew Hinsley - ACG co-artistic director Laura Gonzalez - ARCOS costume designer Joe Sartory - ARCOS director of photography “I am not afraid” Paulo J. Rocha Tavares - ARCOS process documentarian Todd Waldron - ACG audio recording + mix engineer Eric Pearson - ACG live performance technical coordination Music premiered & recorded live at the Blanton Museum of Art on June 28–29, 2017 Music Joseph Williams II - Composer Travis Marcum - Interview Audio Composer I/WE I. A new home II. I am not afraid III. Waiting in no place IV. I miss the soil I/WE 2017 & 2020 Commissioned by Austin Classical Guitar