Inspired by interviews with Syrian & Iraqi refugees during their first 90 days in Austin, the original i/we was a multimedia concert we made in 2017. We wanted to explore empathy and listening in an age of polarization. The concert had an amazing cast of international musicians and artists, and won Best New Composition at the Austin Critics Table.

For I/WE 2020, ARCOS, with choreographer Erica Gionfriddo, dancers Bonnie Cox, Ginnifer Joe, Kaitlyn Jones & Oddalys Salcido, along with filmmaker Eliot Gray Fisher, recontextualize the original stories and music through movement filmed in natural spaces around the State of Texas.
Dancer Oddalys Salcido, who is working with the opening movement, gave us insight into body-processing.
“I kept feeling a sensation of heat in the back of my throat. Like when you’re physically trying to hold back tears, and you’re trying to be strong, that’s where I felt the heat. The property of fire looks very similar to a wave, kind of unexpected and at a constant flow. I feel like a lot of communication is done with the body. It is constantly communicating with us. When it’s hungry you can hear vibrations deep inside. I think when there’s something to be said, and me bringing my stories and history and thoughts, and opinions–my truth–it’s going to blend in, come together with what we’re creating, and provide a different perspective, another truth.”
Rising star Oddalys Salcido performed at a high level, especially in her dance to close the show.

Review #2 of 2: Austin Dance Festival by Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company
by David Glen Robinson

(via ADF)
“preheat” looks like a breakout film by young artists who are both dancer/choreographers and filmmakers. The directors were Michelle Inciarte and Oddalys Saucido, and the performers were Celeste Camfield and Oddalys Saucido. The film’s premise was the Hawthorne effect, a psychological process involving behavior change under the awareness of being watched. Camera angles established the concept, shooting through windows and peering into rooms where performers were moving. The two performers gave a showcase of athletic contemporary dance in the house where the story was set. The surprise ending came with a performer moving toward (against?) a huge interrupting force. As with most of the pieces in this show, “preheat” was very well-edited. The piece attained high quality in dance as well as film.
The young bright star Oddalys Salcido performed in the nearby fortress, or castle, with percussionist Reese Maultsby playing in the open gate of the structure. Ms Salcido demonstrated expert technique while creatively operating and providing commentary on the nooks and crannies and catwalk of the construction. If nothing else she demonstrated the bright future that certainly belongs to her.