preheat fest

Preheat is an annual short film festival based on the idea of what digital movement can be. This festival is presented in partnership with The Museum of Human Achievement’s 2023 Summer Drive In Series and taking place on September 16th.
Preheat explores and bends the idea of dance and how that can translate on to the digital and through video elements. We are driven by the idea of challenging boundaries through what we call "border blending". We seek to challenge preconceptions of what a dance film can be, and ideas on who can perform or create experimental video art. We are prioritizing creatives who are a part of marginalized communities: BIPOC, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and preferably based in Austin, Texas. This is the 2nd edition of Preheat.
Preheat started as a grassroots gathering in a backyard as an alternative form of organizing and sharing art. There is no application fee and every artist that is chosen will receive a small stipend to honor their work done behind the screen thanks to MoHA.

preheat fest is a dance film festival where the only requirements to apply are that there is movement of some kind within the film and that it’s about as long as it takes to preheat an oven. Movement can be seen as many things through film. The possibilities can be seen through camera movement, editing, animation, inanimate objects, and more! We’re looking forward to see what the next batch creative minds create!

Preheat fest 2022 took place on December 17th in a cozy backyard in Austin. It was the first of our in person festival projected on a white screen. 

Showcasing over fourteen artists and eleven films, we gathered over 30 people to come together and share our love for short films and dance.

preheat fest 2022