embodying through media

Oddalys Salcido is a 1st generation latine queer movement artist born and raised on the internet. As a child they felt cosmically connected with Selena Quintanilla and has been searching for that feeling in everything since. Traditionally trained as a choreographer, contemporary dancer and reality TV consumer, Oddalys is a motion inspired filmmaker. With influences of absurdity and tenderness she brings an observant collage of her identities, mental illness and humorous existentialism embedded in both her films, choreography, and new media art. Their favorite pastime is increasing their capacity for complexity. They do this by morphing into many identities such as a professional dancer for ARCOS, director and co-creator of “preheat '' the film festival, web designer for individual artists, filmmaker, digital composer, and cyborg. She is passionate about experimenting with contemporary movement and technology as a tool to blend both existing and non existent borders.
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